Designers can be difficult to get gifts for and there are only a few days left to have them in time for the holidays! Here are fifteen of my picks for those creative types. I have included a variety presents in all price ranges and shipping options.


Gary Hustwit’s Design Trilogy

These three documentaries Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized cover the history and culture of design large and small.

Website Deck

This deck of UX cards encourages facetime and collaborative thinking with colleagues to quickly map out website information and architecture.


Pantone Holiday Ornaments

Or pretty much anything Pantone branded will please a designer.

Gift Cards for Coffee

Keep your designer fueled with coffee.

Travel Mug

For the designer that’s always on the go.

Designer Pins & Patches

Designers can’t have enough pieces of flair!

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Adorable pop culture desk friends.

ViewMaster Virtual Reality Starter Pack

Let them feel like a kid again with this vintage inspired VR pack.

Cards Against Humanity Design Pack

The Design Pack contains 30 crazy cards illustrated by some of the world’s best graphic designers. As an added bonus, all profits are donated to the Chicago Design Museum.

10 Portable Office Foot Hammock

Let your designer feel like they are on a tropical vacation while at work.

11 Gold Ampersand Paperweight

Gold accents are a hot trend right now and every designer loves a touch of typography in their home or office.

12 Calligraphy Set

Another great gift for typography lovers, useful for addressing envelopes as well as everyday writing.

13 Desktop Phone Stand

This phone stand will keep their phone within reach and desk organized, plus the silver color will match their MacBook.

14 Portable External Hard Drive

Help keep their precious design files backed up.

15 Gift an AIGA Membership

An AIGA membership will give them access to design events in their community, design conferences, as well as professional resources.