This summer I had two moves happen in my life. One major move, my fiance and I buying a condo. And one minor move, of moving cubicles with in the office. Both come with their own benefits and obstacles. I strived to keep these moves from interrupting my work and creativity. Here are some of my methods in doing so:

Prepare and Organize your Space

First thing I needed to do at the new condo was to set up my desk so I could get to work. Clutter and piles of moving boxes can be a distraction to the creative environment. So clearing off the desk and putting extra items in a room away from my work area reduced the interference with work.

In my new cubicle I needed to clean the space, who knows who was sitting there before me! Then setup the computer and got my supplies in order so everything was easy to get to.

During a moving it is good to take time to purge any unneeded items, which my fiance can attest this is a difficult one for me to do. Simplify and get rid of or donate things you will not use anymore.

Define your Space

It’s important to make your new space your own. With our new home we now have creative freedom to decorate the way we want. Before we moved in everything was tan and I mean everything, the walls, the hardwood floors, the cabinets, and the tile. So with a coat of colorful paints and some artwork on the walls, it quickly felt more like home.

At the office we have a lot of hoteling desks, so I needed to quickly make sure everyone knew this seat is taken. There’s nothing worse than coming into the office and not having a place to work. For some helpful tips on making your office space your own, read my past article on “Decorating Your Cubicle.”

Minimize Distractions

New places also come with new distractions like noise and movement. Though it might not be possible to eliminate all distractions like the upstairs neighbors stomping around at home. But for those loud talking sales department folks in the office, I just use louder headphones to mask their racket. While strategically placing some items around my cubicle helped to reduce noticing coworkers movement in my peripheral.

Find nearby places of Inspiration

Whether it’s a nook in the corner or somewhere outside, it’s good to find places that help inspire you that are away from the desk. Sometimes going for a walk and getting away from the office will help with creativity. Luckily for me the Chicago Riverwalk is nearby my office and not too far from my home there is the whole lakefront.

Keep a Routine

Even though my working locations have completely changed I try to keep my routine the same. Block off time for work and take lunch and breaks at the same times that I did before. This helps me to stay on task and bring some normalcy to the workplace.

If you’re still struggling in your new space, try somethings new

Don’t be stuck in your ways. Try a different layout, whether it’s moving furniture or just a knick knack, changing it up might help spark a new idea. Try talking to your new neighbors they might have some ideas you have not thought of before. As hard as it might be to adjust to a new space, you can only learn and grow from the experience.