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Halloween costumes in the workplace

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. My fiancé and I love to decorate and dress up in costume for the holiday. I also enjoy bringing the celebration of halloween to the workplace. But first there are some considerations to take into account before...

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Finding creativity in new places

This summer I had two moves happen in my life. One major move, my fiance and I buying a condo. And one minor move, of moving cubicles with in the office. Both come with their own benefits and obstacles. I strived to keep these moves from interrupting my work and...

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When it’s ok to use a theme template

As web designers we always want to custom design everything ourselves. But there are times when using a theme template is a viable option (and we shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so). Using a theme template can help aid both the design and programing phases of a...

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