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Decorating Your Cubicle

Decorating your office cubicle is a great way to express your individuality at work and make your time in the office more enjoyable. Making your cubicle a little home away from home helps reduces stress, while increasing productivity and creativity. When I started...

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Turns out team building exercises aren’t that bad after all.

Earlier this month I attended Netrix's yearly kick off conference. Looking at the day’s agenda I noticed a team building exercise on the list. I had an immediate aversion to it and prepared for the worst. But when I learned that the exercise was going to be a catapult...

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Thoughts on using “for placement” content in web design

When designing a website one question that comes up is what content will be displayed in the design? Of course it’s best whenever possible to use actual data in the design. The design will feel more complete and real when the client see it. But what do you do when the...

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